Fly Fishing Small Streams

Small streams are secluded and pristine homes for trout. Anglers love them as they usually offer both challenging fishing with wondrous natural beauty. In this video, host Tom Rosenbauer travels to small streams across America to show us the essentials of getting started in small stream fly fishing. From stealth to presentations, Tom covers it all in this detailed video!
Products Used in this Video:
Superfine fiberglass rod 7 ½ foot 4 weight

Helios 3 7 ½ foot 3 weight

Superfine Fly Line

Dry Release Hoodie

Wet wading pants

Pro Wading Boots

Approach Wet Wading Shoe

Sling Bag

Tenkara Rod

Chubby Duo Hopper

Parachute Adams

Hare’s Ear Nymph

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