Fly Fishing Idaho's Big Wood River in March [Episode #45]

This episode shows us fly fishing for trout, using nymphs and streamers to catch and release gorgeous Rainbows and Browns. It is a cold but clear and sunny March day in a winter with lots of snow as can be seen from the banks of snow next to the river. We start the day with nymphs like a black Pat's Rubber Legs and a small red Midge pupae pattern. Those nymphs work most of the day, but we also start using, in the afternoon, an olive Wooly bugger with a gold bead head which does very well throughout the rest of the day as well. We get flies and advice from the local Picabo Angler ( in Picabo, Idaho.

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Fly Fishing with Ladin's primary purpose is to share fly fishing techniques and places to fly fish in the Western United States. We are a dedicated fly fishing YouTube channel promoting catch and release fly fishing. Our motto is having fun catching and releasing fish. We want to share our passion with others. We are not professionals. We are passionate about fly fishing but we do not take ourselves to seriously. We show our mistakes, falling in, getting flies stuck in wrong places, loosing fish. The same things that all of us experience fly fishing. We have been fly fishing northwest waters for over forty years. But we are always learning new things that we like to pass along. We think our channel is a great place to get ideas for fly fishing vacations and weekend trips.
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