Fishing Cold Water Discharges For Summer Largemouth Bass River Fishing For Largemouth Bass Michigan

In this Michigan bass fishing video we are river fishing for largemouth bass in the heat of summer and are having success by fishing cold water discharges for largemouth bass. A lot of fisherman overlook timing and location when fishing and I am guilty of just fixing where I can when I can but alway try to get inside a fishes head and choose my location based on external factors like water temps, time of year, feeding habits, breeding habits, river flow, moon phase and barometric pressure. Sometimes you can predict where a fish will be and what it will eat based on these factors but on the other hand sometimes you are just at the right place at the right time with the right lure.

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Reel Michigan Anglers is a source for entertaining and educational fishing videos from fishing for carp and catfish to salmon and steelhead. From tiny creeks to the main rivers that drain to the great lakes we are out there learning to fish for new species in new waters. From ponds to the largest inland lakes on in the entire USA Michigan Fishing is special and unique and Reel Michigan Anglers is here to share a slice of Michigan in every fishing video. You can also expect to find some fishing gear reviews as well as educational fishing videos and how to videos for all different species of fish. It does not stop there. Reel Michigan Anglers is also an online tackle shop and tackle company. We make a variety of fishing lures but specialize in jigs for steelhead and trout fishing. check out to see our selection!

Reel Michigan Anglers is a collection of Michigan Outdoors Videos made by real Michigan Fisherman. Not professional anglers but average guys on their quest to catch as many epic fish as possible. Michigan fishing flows through my veins like water flows through Michigan rivers and I enjoy sharing my Michigan fishing adventures with you all in the form of educational and entertaining fishing videos. I love fishing for all species in all bodies of water but have a particular passion for Michigan river fishing. Fishing Michigan rivers has brought me so much joy and excitement and my zen place is me standing in a river with a fishing rod in my hands. I am not in this for the fame or the attention my goal is to help other fisherman grow and learn with me and to get paid to fish which I do now thanks to all of you lovely viewers. Thanks to your support I will continue to bring you many more Michigan. fishing videos! I will be Fishing Michigan 2021 and making more fishing videos for your enjoyment!

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