Excerpts from Northern Spain Motorcycle Trip, 2018: Picos, Camino de Santiago, Galicia, and Snow

Excerpts from a motorcycle trip to northern Spain at the end of October and early November, 2018 to ride the Picos mountains and the wiser areas of Asturias across to Galicia.

*** Full video coming soon ***

The weather gods didn't smile on us, with unusually early snowfall in Asturias causing us to abandon our planned routes for the first couple of days and resort to predominantly motorways.

The remainder of the week was predominantly overcast and rainy, but didn't detract from the main purpose of the trip, which was to ride the bikes!

On our final day, the skies cleared and gave us a fantastic day's riding, doing our planned first day's route in reverse.

Filmed on a Garmin 360 Camera.
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