Europe Motorcycle Roadtrip 2023 EP08: Riding through Aachen in North Rhine-Westphalia

As the road east takes us through North Rhine-Westphalia in western Germany, my dad finds himself surrounded by his most hated blot on the landscape: windmills...

So join us on this otherwise scenic ride through this fantastic region of Germany, enjoy!

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????00:00 Intro
????00:48 60km west of Cologne and windmills
????01:42 Fantastic countryside... with windmills
????02:44 Pooley Snr. gets a bit discombobulated
????03:28 Windsock-gate and the smelly slurry
????04:29 Roman road!
????05:13 More eco talk
????05:53 Kochs ahead
????06:18 The McCrispy incident...
????07:21 Trying to get a coffee
????08:11 Bikers in the carpark
????09:15 Getting back on the road
????09:45 German motorcycle restrictions on Sunday's
????10:24 Riding through Enschweiler, Aachen
????11:35 What is a German stereotype?
????12:15 More windmills
????13:01 Where did the French Fry come from?
????13:43 The TDM850 rebuild before the road trip
????14:51 Alternatives to ICE and EV
????16:30 Riding through a windfarm

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