The Lost Species of Britain

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Britain was once home to an array of exotic animals but unfortunately, these species are no longer with us. From great whales and oversized rats to mammoths and bears. `There is an estimated 500 British species which have become extinct in the past few thousand years.

Extinctions in Britain have three main causes, Climate change as the ecosystem swung from temperate woodland and pasture, Habitat loss by human activities, such as the clearing of woodland or draining of marshland and Hunting by humans.

Throughout the Pleistocene (Ice age) the climate alternated between cold glacial periods, including times when the climate was too cold to support much fauna. Britain has been an ever-changing landscape and because of this some animals have disappeared. If a habitat can no longer sustain a population, that animal dies out. Forests have decreased, grasslands have changed, wetlands have changed. There was once a land bridge between Britain and continental Europe. This area between France and Britain has been called Doggerland. It was the route that rhinos and other giants of the ice age would have taken to and from the warmer climates of southern Europe.

Here are some of the UK’s extinct animals and the stories behind their loss. Some became extinct thousands of years ago while others disappeared much more recently.

Cave lion
Wooly rhinoceros
Strait-tusked elephant
Irish Elk
Scimitar-toothed cat
Cave bear
Wolly mammoth
Dalmatian Pelican
Brown bear
Great Auk
White stork
Grey Whale
Common tree frog
Short haired bumble bee
Bluefin tuna
Wild boar
Pine Martin
Eagle owl
White tailed eagle

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