Ten Day Forecast: Milder Mid-December But Could Christmas Become Colder?

Hello everyone and thanks for tuning in to today's video. We're going to look at the weather for the next ten to fourteen days for this video. Day ten will take us to the sixteenth of December and we'll be able to extend out beyond that with the extended GFS and ECM ensembles (they run to around a couple of weeks) - We'll have a look at CFS v2 for the next four weeks towards New Year at the end of the video.

Storm Barra will bring stormy and cold weather tomorrow with the weather staying unsettled and cool through to next week. Mid-December could see high pressure building up from the south turning the milder and drier but could the high pressure go north with the weather becoming colder for Christmas???

Longer term, all eyes remain focused on Scandinavia...

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