Searching for Monster Wild Carp

Had a blast participating in my first competitive fishing event and searching for monster wild carp along some of the great lake shorelines. On top of pushing myself out of my comfort zone I walked away with some great learnings, as well as an incredible moment I was able to capture on video. Congrats to the guys and gals who really turned up the volume during this event.

Filming Gear:
Main Camera:​​
Timelapse Camera:​​
Memory Card:​​
GoPro Gooseneck:​​
Osmo Pocket Tripod Mount:​​

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00:00​-00:37 What to Expect
00:37​-00:52​ Event Overview
00:52​-01:41​ Day 1 - Rough Go
01:41-06:16 Day 2 - Fishing "Chernobyl and PB"
06:16-07:20 Ticks, ticks and more ticks
07:17-08:23 Day 3 - the Spawn is On
08:23-13:54 Day 4 - The Final Countdown!
13:54-15:32 Epic Carp Drone Video
Carp Fishing