River float Fishing For Steelhead-Spring 2022 (Crappy Tube Jig-Four Secret Tips)

When you fish for steelhead in Spring, you have to understand the water conditions. I had seen people using Kumbo Rig, but the leader set up is too shallow, and you dont adjust the bobber even the water is about 8 feet. I saw them set up the rig about .8 meters. You can set up your rig to .8 meters or less in the shallow spots. So I thank you for the support and greatly appreciate you all.
Rod= Broken St Croix 10.6 ft(9) Med Power Fast Action
LIne=10lbs Clear Fluoro Pline
Reel= Okuma Epixor XT 20
Hook size=1/16oz (Mustad Brand)
Crappy tube= 2" Orang/Pearl tail Crappy tube
Bobber: 2" weighted bobber
Setup=10lbs main no leader
Depth Setup: 1 meter (3.3ft)
Bait: Crappy tube jig
Jig head= 1/16oz Pin