Realy Easy Dry Fly Fishing San Juan River Texas Hole by Matching the Hatch!!!

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I teach real dry, nymph and streamer fishing. Kids and beginners welcome, please inquire within.
Here are some example of my clients videos of enjoying my fishing system:

No need to use tungsten beadhead flies, excess weighted nymphing, big barbed flies along with pegged egg or worm as the attractor to just hook trout any which way, if you never tried Match the Hatch fishing then you are missing out your potential.
Stop making excuse by saying this is why we call fishing not catching, to me Fishing Means Catching, have hundreds action videos of myself and clients on my channel to prove, we do not hiding anything, you can see where the fly is hooked.
There are many YouTube videos show foul hooked trophy trout of which do not show the landing part or edited to look like caught the trout in the mouth (subtle background scene change) and unfortunately they have been hurting our fisheries for their personal gain that is social media gain.
FYI, I see a dead trout or two just about every quality water section every time, utterly sad.
Remember, ten dead fish today means ten less fish tomorrow.
Of course I'm not here for those who just want a participation trophy rather who wants to become a better fly fisher person.
I'm doing my best to save every trout so you can enjoy the live ones tomorrow!
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