Ohio Steelhead and icy rod guides

Weekend of steelhead fishing on the rockyriver last week the rivers were blown out but anyways everything was on pink egg sacs under a bobber we lost about 5 on saturday and our friend got a few suckers and on sunday it got even colder and we had 1 bite which i caught
rod- wild series salmon/steelhead 9ft rod
reel- shimano c14+ stradic
line- 10lb powerpro bradied line
leader- 8lb flourocarbon
hook- small egg hook
Bait- Pink egg sacs
if you have any questions or anything to say ask and i will answer i should eventually get a video about how i rig up for egg sacs soon but its basically the same thing with a egg hook instead of a jig in my previous video "Possible personal best steelhead" which is the video right before this one its at the begging