Making a wormery and keeping worms for fishing - Perch, Chub, Barbel, Carp fishing

In this video we walk you through how to make a wormery and keep worms for fishing!

It's very simple, cheap and easy to do - and all you need to start is a couple of storage containers ( 3 is recommend ) When complete and up and running it provides you with worms all year round.

The basic principle is to buy a few worms to start (recommend 500g of Dendrobaena / nightcrawler) and you simply feed them a few waste food scraps and in return they give you nice compost, breed and produce more worms, Win, Win :)

Dendras eat half their body weight every day, they live for around 2-3 years and breed every 3-4 days throughout spring to autumn.

My storage containers in this video are around 30L each box, apart from the smaller box with is being used as the base and is the sump part of the wormery to collect any drain off from the worms.

Step 1 - Cut hole in sump container (the base) and fit waterbutt tap to allow for drain off of any liquid ( please retain this liquid known as black gold/ worm tea as it does wonders for your plants.

Step 2 - Take one of the 30L container and drill 6mm holes in the base of it, which enables the worms to move up through the levels.

Step 3 - Take the other container and drill 3mm holes in the base, this will be your first level that goes on top of your sump (base container with tap)

Step 4 - Put in a small amount of soil into your first level container (the one with 3mm holes) and place your worms into this box, add shedded card, that has been soaked with rain water, also you can place a piece of soaked card as a lid over the top to help make the worms feel at home. Then place you storage container lid on top to help keep the light out and keep the worms in. *** please note do not feed your worms for 3-4 days *** let them get used to their new home.

Step 5 - After 3-4 days add a small amount of food scraps to the container, I find it better to put this under the card lid. Once this container is full of worm castings, which can take upto 2- 3 months. Add your next container on top, try putting a small amount of the worm casting in the new container and slowly start to add food which will draw the worms up to the new level and the process can start again, after a few days, most of the worms will have moved up to the new level, and the old level can be cleared of your awesome compost, ready to start again.

Well done your wormey is well on its way to becoming a source of FREE fishing bait.
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