Keeping Water - Episode 71: Pond vs Predator, Part One: Herons

In this week’s episode, we’re going to begin my look at predators by starting with the most common and prolific - the heron. In part, which will come out at some point over the winter, we’ll take a look at at least 3 other predators, including, possibly, the most dangerous.

“Heron attacks koi pond!”
Koi in the UK

“Grey Heron fishing and taking a plunge in the pond!”
Simon Murray

“Crafty Heron walking on a netted pond”

Great Blue Heron vs Electric Fencing
Drone Optics

Grey Heron call (mp3)
Dawid Jablonski

Distribution map: By SanoAK: Alexander Kürthy - Made with Natural Earth. Free vetor and raster map data @ Range map from BirdLife International 2016. Ardea cinerea.

Bird Behavior: Observing Herons, Filip Tkaczyk, Alderleaf Wilderness College

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Grey heron Jess Brooks, Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust

Gregory, Stuart Noel (1990) The foraging ecology and feeding behaviour of the grey heron (Ardea Cinerea) in the Camargue, S. France, Durham theses, Durham University.
Available at Durham E-Theses Online:

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