JOE BIDEN Will Rely on the World Class Royal Navy to Play a Key Role in a Joint Deployment

JOE BIDEN will rely on the "world-class" Royal Navy to play a key role in an upcoming joint deployment as Government defense advisor Nicholas Drummond explained to why the UK's capabilities at sea are "better than France"

Last week, two Royal Navy ships – HMS Severn and HMS Tamar – were deployed to Jersey following a protest by roughly 60 French fishermen over post-Brexit rights in the waters surrounding the Crown dependency. It came after France threatened to cut off electricity to Jersey and saw Paris send two of its own vessels to the area "in a spirit of responsibility”. It sparked some concerns that the situation could escalate and led to comparisons between the British and French Navy.

But former Army officer Mr. Drummond told there was no comparison between the two, stating “our capabilities are better than the French”.
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