How to Smoke Fish without Smoker at Home. 3 smoking methods Air Fryer, Stove Top or Dutch Oven.

This is complete guide on how to smoke fish such as salmon, steelhead, trout or mackerel without a smoker at your home. I am using 3 methods: Stovetop, Dutch Oven and Air Fryer

If you were thinking of making your own smoked fish at home, but don’t have an outdoor smoker or ability to smoke fish outdoors…..don’t look further. In this video I will walk you through 3 simple methods on how to make an amazing smoked fish at the convenience of your own home without need of any specialty smoking equipment.


Steelhead - 4lb ( you can also use salmon, trout or mackerel )
Kosher salt - ¾ of the cup
Brown sugar - ¾ of the cup
Garlic powder - 1 tablespoon ( you can experiment with other spices of your choice )
Honey ( or maple syrup ) - for glazing the fish
Wood chips - I am using hickory flavor ( you can also use cherry, maple or apple wood )
Liquid smoke - ½ teaspoon ( for Air fryer method only )