How To FISH Rooster Tails For TROUT In Creeks, Rivers, & Streams.

If you want to learn how to trout fish using rooster tails, you just found the right video! In this video we break down a full in depth how to on how to fish rooster tails in creeks, rivers, and streams. Trout fishing rooster tails can be a ton of fun if you learn how to properly fish them. On the Yakima Bait website they say the most common method used in rivers is to cast your rooster tail out across and slightly upstream; allow it to sink near the bottom while reeling up any slack line, then pulling back on your rod tip slightly, causing the blade to start its spin before beginning a slow retrieve. The current will sweep your spinner downstream as you reel it back. Once your spinner swings in near shore, it’s time to reel in and cast again. This trout fishing video is going to break down all the other tips and techniques you need to know to fish rooster tail trout spinners.

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