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We have compiled a list of some of our most used FLY TYING TOOLS, VISES and materials in the list below.

GREAT tying Desk Lamp:

Giant selection of HOOKS and SHANKS for fly tying

All you ever need for TUBE FLY TYING:

The BEST uv Resin and curing lamp:

RENZETTI FLY TYING VISES. the best of the best:

Waste basket for your vise:

Dubbing Needle/Brush from C&F Design:

Whip Finisher from C&F Design:

Smhaen Master dubbing twister:

Big selection af Hair stackers:

All the best Hackle pliers:

What ever you need, we got the Bobbin Holders for you:

Amazing Scissors:

ALL SORTS OF STORAGE for you fly tying materials

Flexistripper line baskets:

All our Favorite FLY BOXES:

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