Flathead And Channel Catfish Fishing / Michigan Catfish Fishing / Grand River Catfish Fishing

In this Michigan catfish fishing video we are fishing for flathead catfish and channel catfish! Flathead and channel catfish are a lot of fun to target because big catfish put up a big fight! Grand river catfish fishing offers plenty of opportunities for big Flathead catfish and channel catfish. Flathead and channel catfish fishing is a good break form wading the river and casting my arm off tossing lures. When the catfish bite is slow I get a little bored sometimes but when a big flathead or channel catfish takes your bait it can be very exciting!

Flat head catfish fishing has become one of the favorite types of fishing for both Jason and I. Both of us were so blown away by our first flat head catfish that we became addicted to the thrill of seeking flat head catfish. Flathead catfish fishing is totally different than other types of fishing in your approach. Although they will go for a lures and occasionally will pick up dead bait they usually prefer live bait and patience. I caught my first grand river flat head catfish a few years ago on a spinner while fishing for salmon and now it’s my favorite fish to target in the salmon and steelhead off season. I have had a lot of success Michigan fishing in 2021 but this was our first legit attempt at cat fishing in 2021. It turned out to be a great night of fishing as we got plenty of catfish most of which were good size channel cats and flatheads. River fishing for flat head and channel catfish in Grand River is fun and all sorts of things happen at night that are kind of crazy so there is a bit of an adventure factor in night fishing for Michigan catfish. You can certainly expect to see more flathead catfish fishing videos as well as channel catfish fishing videos in the near future as I prefer to spend my summer night fishing instead of getting a sunburn. Regardless of the species I choose to target I will be doing lots of Grand River fishing as well as other types of Michigan Fishing. Over the next two weeks I have two trips planned for lake Saint Clair in the Saginaw Bay so stay tuned for exciting new Michigan fishing content.

Sport fishing for flathead catfish using either rod and reel, limb lines, or bare hands (noodling) can be an exciting pastime. Anglers target this species in a variety of waterways, including small rivers (barely large enough for a canoe), large rivers (such as the Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee and Colorado Rivers), and reservoirs. A common element of flathead catfish location is submerged wood cover such as logs and rootwads which often collect at bends in rivers. A good flathead spot usually also includes relatively deep water compared to the rest of a particular section of river, a moderate amount of current, and access to plentiful baitfish such as river herring, shad, carp, drum, panfish, or suckers. Anglers targeting large flathead catfish usually use stout tackle such as medium-heavy or heavy action rods from 6–10 ft (1.8–3.0 m) in length with large line-capacity reels and line ranging from 20–80 pounds-force (89–356 N) test breaking strength. Generally large live baits are preferred such as river herring, shad, sunfish (such as bluegill), suckers, carp, goldfish, drum, and bullheads ranging from 5–12 in (13–30 cm) in length.

If you are fishing in Michigan and are looking for Michigan fishing videos look no further as I have content for most species Michigan has to offer. I still have some to cross off the list but at the rate I am going I'll get all the species Michigan has to offer in the next few years. Whether you are into fishing small creeks for brown trout or Flathead catfish fishing I am into it all. This year I will try hard to get my first Musky and my first sturgeon and with any luck a few other species.

Reel Michigan Anglers is a collection of Michigan Outdoors Videos made by real Michigan Fisherman. Not professional anglers but average guys on their quest to catch as many epic fish as possible. Michigan fishing flows through my veins like water flows through Michigan rivers and I enjoy sharing my Michigan fishing adventures with you all in the form of educational and entertaining fishing videos. I love fishing for all species in all bodies of water but have a particular passion for Michigan river fishing. Fishing Michigan rivers has brought me so much joy and excitement and my zen place is me standing in a river with a fishing rod in my hands. I am not in this for the fame or the attention my goal is to help other fisherman grow and learn with me and to get paid to fish which I do now thanks to all of you lovely viewers. Thanks to your support I will continue to bring you many more Michigan. fishing videos! I will be Fishing Michigan 2021 and making more fishing videos for your enjoyment!