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Minsk, Belarus’s capital, is a city of Stalinist architecture (blocky and grey) contrasted against antiquated churches and flower-filled city squares. Its cafe culture and busy nightlife will keep you grounded a few days before moving on to quieter cities like Brest and Hrodna, or into the countryside where rare European bison roam.

Over half of the country is forested, including Bialowieza, the oldest woodland in Europe, and the country is full of lakes and rivers where locals and intrepid travelers fish, canoe, kayak, or camp out in pristine nature untouched by the outside world.

Visit Grodno
The city of Grodno sits on the western border of Belarus. Most people come here to see the 12th-century Kalozha Church, considered to be the oldest church in Belarus. While the outside is dull, the inside has colorful geometrical ornaments and crosses, and the floor is made up of brown, green, and yellow plates. Be sure to also spend a few hours in the Old Castle’s Grodno History and Archeology Museum, which will walk you through the history of the region. You’ll see mammoth tusks, neolithic spears, medieval armor, and a large collection of rare and antique books. Admission is 6.20 BYN s($3 USD).

Spend time in Pripyatsky National Park
Pripyatsky National Park is known as the “Lungs of Europe” for its natural landscape of swamps, floodplains, broad-leaf forests, and oak forests. There’s a lot to do here from hiking, fishing, boat tours, and other guides hikes! You can book a stay in the forest lodging (which includes a guide) for around 75 BYN ($35 USD) a night. Most two-hour walks or a river cruises start at around 8 BYN ($4 USD).

Brest Fortress
Brest Fortress (in Brest) was built between 1833-1842, and this heavily fortified structure immediately became a major target for European invaders. During World War II, thousands of German troops laid siege to the fortress. Belarusian soldiers and citizens kept back the attack for a month before the fortress finally fell, and there’s now a memorial to honor them. You can explore the grounds’ crumbling and bullet-riddled walls as well as the statues erected in memorial. There are some historical museums on site (including the Defence Museum and the Museum of War). Entrance to the fortress grounds is free, although you will need to pay to enter each of the individual museums (about 5 BYN/2.45 USD per museum).

Mir Castle
The 16th-century Mir Castle is a favorite for Belarusians, and most locals consider it the most beautiful castle in the country. Its red-and-white brick exterior and towers cast a striking reflection in the castle’s pond. The interior has been restored to show what life looked like back in the time of the wealthy Radziwills family who lived here from 1568 to the 1840s. The Radziwills were a powerful magnate family originating from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (and then the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland) that owned a lot of property in Belarus and beyond. The meticulously manicured gardens are beautiful too. Admission is 14 BYN ($6.50 USD) for adults, 7 BYN ($3.50 USD) for students and it is 3 BYN ($1.50 USD) extra for an audio guide.

Nesvizh Castle
This 17th-century fortress with a mix of Baroque and Renaissance architecture. Like the Mir Castle, this is another former home of the Radziwill family. Complete with traditional English rose gardens, visitors are free to explore the gardens and the castle interior. Inside is a picturesque central courtyard surrounded by the castle’s yellow walls. Inside, you’ll see antique furniture, reception rooms, bedrooms, family portraits, and the Radziwill family tombs in the adjoining Catholic church. Admission is 20 BYN ($10 USD).

Go kayaking
There are many options for kayaking just outside of Minsk. Stracha or Isloch are two popular rivers for kayaking, and they both have faster-flowing routes for the more experienced paddler. There are some kayak rental shops in Minsk, but you will need to book in advance, especially during peak season. Expect to pay around 70 BYN ($33 USD) for a two-day (weekend) rental. The price includes paddles, life jackets, airtight bags, a pump, and free delivery in the Minsk area. Day tours cost about 150 BYN ($73 USD) from Minsk.

Accommodation – Hostels are only available in Brest, Minsk, and Grodno, with prices starting around 18 BYN ($9 USD) per night for a six-eight bed dorm, or 27 BYN ($13 USD) for a four-bed dorm. For a private room, expect to pay at least 62 BYN ($30 USD) per night.

Budget hotels are all over the country and will start as low as 40 BYN ($20 USD) per night for a double or twin, but, expect 60 BYN ($30 USD) per night to be your average for something not super basic.

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