Fantastic First Day Fishing in Oregon - Fly Fishing the Salmonfly Hatch Southern Oregon 2021

My first day fishing in Oregon. Went on a guided fly fishing trip with guide Jon Hazlett to fish the salmonfly hatch in Southern Oregon. I had heard about this hatch for years and finally got to experience it myself. Jon's a great guide. The fish cooperated. Weather was pleasant. Everything came together for a fantastic day of fly fishing. Oregon, early summer 2021.

First time fishing in Oregon (00:00)
First fish of the day (00:20)
A nice jumper (00:51)
Every fish is a gift (02:53)
Nope (03:34)
Steelhead on a dry fly (03:56)
The no look hook (07:16)
Another good one (08:06)
Lots of little ones (08:57)
Got another jumper (09:51)
Long downstream drift (10:51)
I hit Jon with a fish (12:19)
Fishing jumping out of fast water (13:14)
Wood is good (13:57)
He won that one (15:31)
We've exceeded our big fish goals (16:31)