EBRU Fishing - Delta Ebru - Catalonia - 2021 - 4K

The River Ebro, located in Spain, is one the largest and best-known rivers in Europe. It’s world-famous for monster wels catfish, top class river carp fishing and many other species which thrive in its rich waters, including a host of predators such as bass, zander and perch plus sea specieThere are over 15 different species of fish I've actually caught but I know there are more from other anglers’ and photos. These include: common and mirror carp, crucian carp, several types of barbel, roach, rudd, dace, black bass, chub, sea bass, American largemouth bass, gudgeon, pumpkinseed, eel, wels catfish, channel catfish, zander, perch, sea bream, bluefish, jack cravalle & more.
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