Carp Fishing In The Heart of Paris | Seine River Carping | Team Trakker

We've long-admired the series "Journal de Peche" filmed and produced by our French team, and wanted to share it with our non-French speaking viewers. #frenchcarpfishing

Chris 'Bones' Holmes introduces this very special episode, in which French team members Hadrien and Quentin step away from the rural stretches of the Seine that they usually fish, and head into the heart of Paris in search of urban carp. #urbanfishing #teamtrakker

As you'd expect in a busy city, the fishing isn't quite as relaxed as what they are used to, with constant boat traffic, powerful currents and a lot of debris in the river.

Key moments:

0:33 - Intro
6:27 - A fish for Quentin
6:51 - Fishing meets fashion!
7:29 - Darkness descends
9:32 - On the move
11:56 - A visit from the river police

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