Broken rod tip and brookies - Small stream fly fishing Colorado - May 2021

Small stream fly fishing for brook trout - runoff season in Colorado

Flows: 30-35 cfs
Weather: 50-70 Rainy and Sunny

Flies Used: Chubby, Two Bit Hooker

If you're coming to the area and want to ask any questions about areas we've fished, hit me up over on Twitter or Instagram

Current Setups:
3 piece vintage fiberglass rod
Kalamazoo Duke No.1680

Redington Classic Trout 8'6": 4wt
Lamson Konic 1.5
Rio Gold Fly Line:

Other rods:
Sage DS2 580
TFO Impact 5wt
Douglass Upstream 3 wt

Footage shot with GoPro Hero 5 Black, DJI Spark

My current sunglasses- Oakley Flak or Fives Squared Shallow Water:

Music: Chocolate Cookie Jam by An Jone
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