Bringing Back the Salmon: Bypassing Dams to Restore Snake River Salmon

"Bringing Back the Salmon" tells the story of the Snake River salmon and makes the case for removing the four lower Snake River dams. Green Fire produced the film in 2000, and the campaign to remove the dams continues. Go to to get involved. The Save Our Wild Salmon coalition is a coalition of northwest and national conservation organizations, recreational and commercial fishing associations, clean energy and orca advocates, businesses and citizens committed to protecting and restoring abundant, self-sustaining fishable populations of salmon and steelhead to the Columbia-Snake River Basin for the benefit of people and ecosystems.

The Columbia-Snake River Basin was once the most prolific salmon landscape on the planet – experiencing returns of adult wild salmon and steelhead exceeding 16 million fish annually. Today, however, due mainly to the scores of large dams built on the Columbia and Snake Rivers last century, populations have plummeted. Thirteen populations are listed under the Endangered Species Act. All four remaining salmon and steelhead populations in the Snake River Basin are at risk of extinction.