Attingham Park - Moooooo-ing on up - Episode 14 - Xbox Timelapse FS19 Farming Simulator 19

Attingham Park

Welcome to Attingham Park
As a newcomer to agriculture and the area, you've got a job with the local BGA, which luckily has some Devices that you can use, but that comes at a price.
Can you be successful and work your way up to one of the available farms in the area or even build your own, the choice is yours.

Terrain height and field sizes correspond to real life
Real Map PDA

Most things only work if the land has been bought Animals, silos etc.
Malthouse Farm - horses & pigs
Brompton Farmhouse - chickens and cows
Crossfields Dairy - cows and sheep
Atcham Fishing Club - hourly income when buying land
A light switch at every farm activates all lights on this farm

Individual lighting
Individual grass texture
Seasons-ready (Individual geo included on the map for additional crops to support)
Precision farming ready with realistic soil map
Field and transport missions
47 fields
13 points of sale including BGA
gate triggers move with the gate (double gate trigger is on the gate with the bolt / lock)
Onions and carrots added, cotton and sugar cane removed. You can find vehicles for harvesting at the dealer in the potato and sugar beet harvest category. Diesel trailer
added to the animals category at the dealer
Refillable pallet added to the pallets category at the dealer

Have fun.

Farming Simulator 19
GB Modding

All music in this episode is source through Epidemic Sound

Intro music
Banjo Short by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence.
Fly Fishing