12 ESSENTIAL Pick ups BEST EVER Nintendo Eshop Sale!

Hey SwitchUP Family - check out that sweet Autonauts, get the game: https://bit.ly/3OoOZEX a thanks to those guys for sponsoring this episode I had a great time playing it! Let us know what games you’ve picked up! Mark #nintendoswitch #Eshop #sales

BEST New Games This Week! https://youtu.be/tKnDN2oeZsM
Still ACTIVE Sales https://youtu.be/WvWihd8LPdc

00:00 - Sale time baby!
00:40 - Celeste is NOT a hidden Gem!
01:41 - Autonauts is great!
03:04 - Metro best FPS?
03:55 - US Dragon's Dogma
04:57 - Monster Hunter Stories 2
05:58 - Olli Olli World
06:59 - Ultra Age
08:10 - Stardew Valley
09:25 - Hidden gem
10:23 - Hidden Gem 2
11:42 - Deals Of The Week!
13:23 - Final Thoughts!

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