This black-and-white film is Issue No. 4 of the “U.S. News Review” program produced by the Office of War Information Bureau of Motion Pictures. The newsreel consists of six shorter reels of various pieces of history in 1942 during the Second World War. It covers the Battle of Timor, the U. S. Army Proving Ground, the preserving and cataloging of British books under German attacks, the herring season for Canadian fishermen, the battle in the Caucasus, and a performance of the song ‘Thingummybob’.

Credits (00:08). “U. S. News Review – The Raiders of Timor” title banner (00:20). A map of Timor Island and the surrounding sea (00:25). Views of American, Australian, and Pilipino troops walking on hilly terrains on Timor Island (00:43). Australian soldiers and Timor natives cooking meat over a bonfire (01:05). Australians and natives cook a baby crocodile (01:19). A local child cutting a coconut (01:23) for soldiers to drink (01:25). Bamboo is used as shower pipes (01:32). Captain Rolf Redmond Baldwin of the Australian Army smoking a pipe (01:41) Private Wheatly and brothers Stan and Charlie Sadler (01:43). They look at maps (01:53). Timor natives walking with cattle (01:59). Soldiers walking through forest (02:03). They seek cover and shooting begins using machine guns (02:15). Locals running and sitting huts on fire using torches (02:29). Japanese soldiers arrive at the burning village (02:34). Australian soldiers use a stolen car battery and generator and scraps of wire and tin to build a radio (02:42). A map of Timor and Darwin in Australia (03:12). The mainland listening post receives signals from the soldiers on Timor (03:14). The signal master tests the signals authenticity (03:30). An Australian airplane fly over Timor (03:57), and the soldiers watch it (04:00). The soldiers look at mail and supplies dropped by the airplane (04:05). The commanding officer shakes the hands of the privates (04:10). “U. S. News Review – Army Salvage” title banner (04:32). Views of the U. S. Army Proving Ground in Aberdeen, Maryland (04:36). 10” caliber shells (04:48). A Renault FT (FT-17) tank is scrapped (04:59). A Medium Tank M1921 (05:18). Cannonballs (05:24). 1918 railway mortars (05:35). A 6-cylinder Lanz artillery Tractor (05:43). A Renault FT (06:01). A T2 combat car (06:09). A tankette T-1 (06:11). A worker torches guns into scraps (06:22). A German 16” Howitzer gun cut into pieces (06:29). “U. S. News Review – We Guard Britain’s Books” title banner (07:33). The book burning in May 1933 in Nazi Germany (07:42). Swastikas are stamped into books (07:50). Buildings burning in England (08:00). English books (08:10). Books and documents being photographed in microfilm for preservation (08:14). Boxes of microfilm being transported (08:46). The Library of Congress in the Thomas Jefferson Building in Washington DC (08:55). The film is checked and stamped by the librarian (09:01). The film is projected in a viewer and then cataloged and archived (09:10). A Winston Churchill quote written on screen (09:34). “U. S. News Review – Good News from the Fishing Front” title banner (09:46). Canadian fishing boats during herring season (09:51). Fishermen maintaining fishing nets (10:11). A fisherman uses a sounding device to locate catches (10:40). A half-mile of purse seine is laid from the stern of (10:49). They task of pursing is done and the net is hauled in (11:13). Seagulls fly over the fishing boats (12:25). “U. S. News Review – Battle in the Caucasus” title banner (12:33). Snow shoveling in Moscow in 1942 (12:41). Russian soldiers marching (12:51). The Caucasus Mountains (13:00). I-16 fighter jets (13:17). Russian troops (13:29). German troops (13:55). A mountain howitzer gun (14:05). Russian soldiers climbing on mountains (14:09). German sharpshooters (14:45). A wounded Russian soldier is dragged to cover (14:50). Germans shooting the 3.7-inch mountain howitzer (15:03). A German soldier surrendering (15:28). “U. S. News Reviews – Thingummybob” title banner (15:46). An audience is gathered in front of a stage (15:51). A woman walks onto the stage and sings (15:52). Scenes from a factory (16:35). “The End” written on screen (17:14).

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