Wisconsin Musky Fishing/Big Fork Twitch Darter

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This episodes featured lure is-Big Fork Deep Twitch Darter Bait Crankbait
Offering a precise wobbling and rolling action this flat sided, slow rise deep diver reaches the 4' to 6' depths on a straight retrieve or trolling down to 12'. Drop belly design sets this lure apart from others for a more natural, baitfish profile. A proven, big fish production bait all across North America and Europe. Hand Crafted by the master in Minnesota!

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Primary reel choices-https://www.muskyshop.com/collections/reels-1/products/daiwa-prorex-tws-reels

Musky fishing is a difficult sport and success comes from time on the water, knowledge, persistence and above all else dedication. Episodes of Musky Shop TV are just a few minutes long but they are the fruit of countless hours on the water. If you need help catching more muskies and want to increase your musky knowledge even further, check out the Musky 360 Podcast for extended tips and tricks to help you achieve your musky fishing goals.

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Episodes of Musky Shop TV season 1 were filmed in Wisconsin, Ohio, West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina and Indiana.

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Steven Paul is a professional musky angler and co-owner of the Musky 360 App.

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