Warning to China - US,Australian & Europe Navy Ready to Fight With China in SCS

The recent standoff along Malaysia’s Borneo coast was a robust response by the U.S. Navy to some cynically timed Chinese adventurism in the South China Sea, offering reassurance to wavering Southeast Asian countries that Washington still has their back in the midst of a global pandemic. Unfortunately, few in the region are likely to view it that way.

For several days, starting on April 20, the USS America—a small carrier equipped with a handful of F-35 jets, helicopters, and an embarked force of U.S. Marines—patrolled, with its two escorts USS Bunker Hill and USS Barry, in close proximity to a Chinese survey ship, Haiyang Dizhi 8, and its accompanying screen of coast guard vessels and fishing boats, the latter widely assumed to be part of China’s maritime militia. Two Chinese navy destroyers and a frigate subsequently arrived on the scene.

The operations come amid heightened tension between Washington and Beijing over the handling of the coronavirus and after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused China of exploiting attention given the pandemic to "bully" its neighbors in the South China Sea.

New US strategy

The back-to-back missions are indicative of a new Pentagon strategy "strategic predictability, operational unpredictability" -- to keep foes on their heels, said Timothy Heath, senior defense researcher with the Rand Corp. think tank in Virginia.

Heath pointed to a similar move earlier in the month when the US Air Force ended its Continuous Bomber Presence on the island of Guam, opting instead to move B-1s, B-2s and B-52s into the region whenever the Pentagon sees fit.

Pompeo criticizes China.

The US secretary of state said it was Beijing that was using the pandemic to further its claims in the South China Sea.

US Navy & its Allies Ready to Fight with China in South China Sea.

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