War Begins today(Oct 10) UK Send Massive Naval Flotilla to attack China key Military facility in SCS

UK Send Massive Naval Flotilla to attack China key Military facility in SCS

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00:50 the UK sent a Royal Navy ship into the highly contested waters
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South China Sea row erupts as UK sends Royal Navy ship into contested waters.
TENSIONS in the South China Sea have reached boiling point after the UK sent a Royal Navy ship into the highly contested waters.

The South China Sea is a highly contested region and faces claims from China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam and the Philippines. Diplomatic relations between the nations are already extremely strained. Over recent months, Beijing has asserted its dominance in the region and has built several military bases on some of the atolls.

In a show of strength to Beijing, HSM Queen Elizabeth and her carrier group are due to sail through the contested region.
Now, all eyes are on Beijing as the UK Carrier Strike Group 21 has entered the region through the Bashi Channel.

This comes after China and Taiwan are on the brink of war after a record-breaking hundred of Chinese military planes have been spotted in Taiwan's Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ).

This comes months after Chinese state media warned any vessels which stray too close to islands it lays claims to will be "expelled".
A Beijing academic told state media that "China welcomes friends with wine but deals with wolves with a shotgun".

The UK carrier strike group is currently on a round-the-world tour as part of her maiden voyage.
The vessels have taken part in joint military exercises with several nations.

China warning to the UK Vessels close to islands it lays claims to will be "expelled".
China's warning to the UK came after Beijing expelled an American warship after claiming it had illegally entered its territorial waters in the region.

Back in May, the Chinese military's Southern Theatre Command said the USS Curtis Wilbur entered the waters near the Paracel Islands without permission.
It said the US action violated China's sovereignty and undermined regional peace and stability.

However, the US Navy's 7th Fleet said the vessel "asserted navigational rights and freedoms" near the Paracel Islands.
The Chinese military's comments were false, it added.

Royal New Zealand Navy frigate HMNZS Te Kaha is joining military partners as it transits the South China Sea en route to a major international defence exercise.

The New Zealand Defence Force last month announced its participation in Exercise Bersama Gold 21, and that it would interact with the United Kingdom’s Carrier Strike Group as it conducts engagement activities in the Indo-Pacific region.

"HMNZS Te Kaha and the Navy’s replenishment tanker HMNZS Aotearoa, with a Seasprite helicopter on board, departed Auckland in September.

"HMNZS Aotearoa recently met up with HMS Queen Elizabeth, the Royal Navy’s flagship vessel in the CSG, as both ships conducted exercises off the coast of Guam."

Now it is HMNZS Te Kaha’s turn as the frigate enters the South China Sea and transits in company with the CSG and ships of other partner nations.

The NZDF has operated in the South East Asia region for decades as part of bilateral and regional defence engagement, and demonstrates its commitment to regional security through its presence in the region.

NZDF deployments exercise freedom of navigation and overflight, says the NZDF.
"The NZDF undertakes all activities in accordance with international law, and for ships in particular the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

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