Surf Fishing Florida for BLUEFISH!! at New Smyrna Beach

Surf Fishing Florida for BLUEFISH!! we were at New Smyrna Beach and were having a slow day surf fishing. We only caught 3 Bluefish and then my wife caught a Whiting right after high tide and on our last few trips to New Smyrna Beach that's when the Bluefish start to bite! we used the big Whiting for cut bait and caught 7 Bluefish in the last hour! Thats what Surf Fishing Florida is all about, We would have caught a lot more Bluefish but it looked like rain so we had to leave. Thanks for Watching!!

REELS - Quantum cabo 80 / Penn 450ssg

RODS - 9'3'' Tsunami airwave elite / 8' Tica surf rod

LINE - 50lb seaguar Threadlock / 40lb Powerpro braid

HOOKS - 4/0 Gamakatsu octopus 4x strong - Whiting/sand perch rig

BAIT - Cut Whiting / mullet / Cut Bluefish and Fishbites
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