Steelheadaganza IV - Cowlitz River Steelhead Fishing

Steelheadaganza is a guided steelhead trip I organize each year for my friends and I. We fish the Cowlitz river, which is western Washington's best hatchery steeelhead river. It is all about having fun, fishing and bonking hatchery steelhead.


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The fourth Steelheadaganza was in December 2012. This marked the last time we fished the December run, as we switched to the March B-Run.

Todd Daniels, Phil Stephens and Bonner Daniels were our guides for the day. We had a friendly competition going on between the boats, but I don't remember who "won"

We mostly fished the Blue Creek area by side drifting yarn balls - or yarnies - that had been dipped in scent.