Steelhead Trout Opener 2017 - EPIC Steelhead Fishing MUST SEE!!

Trout opener in Southern Ontario.
Jen and I brought the camper to our camp location and got it set up on Friday. Jay joined us in the afternoon on Saturday evening. Jen had to leave Sunday around noon to get back and take care of the dogs (we had someone watch them Friday/Saturday/Sunday morn). Jay and I camped and fished until Tuesday evening.

I made a personal goal of fishing with only the fly rod for the week, and so I did just that.
We got into a bunch of fish.
Check out the video.

Gear List:
Main Camera: Canon G5x https://goo.gl/jXZzjR
2nd and 3rd Cameras: GoPro Hero4 Black / GoPro Hero3 Black
Landing Net: (Large) Moby Nets Coho https://goo.gl/WwqlnR
Landing Net: (Smaller) Moby Nets Steelhead with Rubber netting
My Waders: Orvis Silver Sonic Guide https://goo.gl/Wss6eK
My Wading Boots: Orvis Access Wading boot https://goo.gl/xLaqED
Mine and Jen's Backpacks: Orvis Safe Passage Angler's Daypack https://goo.gl/Qlg5As
My hip pack: Orvis Safe Passage Hip Pack https://goo.gl/fErJRR
Jen's Sling pack: Orvis Safe Passage Sling Pack https://goo.gl/znqnzy
My Switch Rod: Orvis Helios 2 7wt 11' https://goo.gl/bMIdPa
My Switch Rod Reel: Ross F1 https://goo.gl/Qn4YtY
My Single Hand Rod: Orvis Recon 9' 5wt https://goo.gl/Z00FSI
My Single Hand Reel: Orvis Hydros SL III 5-7wt https://goo.gl/3EL3n5
Jen's Rod: Streamside Steelhead 11'6" https://goo.gl/X6qWjr
Jen's Reel: Raven Helix https://goo.gl/v11qtL
Jen's Waders: Simms Freestone Stocking foot https://goo.gl/wZz206
Jen's Wading boots: Simms Headwaters Boot https://goo.gl/mItKfB
Jay's waders: Redington Sonic-Pro HD https://goo.gl/KMh6or
Jay's Centerpin Rod: Streamside Vortex 13' https://goo.gl/0CMrfB
Jay's Centerpin Reel: Streamside Vortex 2 https://goo.gl/776YML
Jay's Single hand Rod: Streamside Tranquility 9' 5wt https://goo.gl/pj7n0h
Jay's Single hand Reel: Streamside Harmony 5/6 https://goo.gl/O57nHq

I was running Orvis 7wt nymph line on my switch rod, and I was running a 5wt floating line on the Recon setup.

Thanks for watching!