STEELHEAD FISHING for DROPBACKS (part 2) | Ontario Steelhead Fishing - 2020

In this video, I'm steelhead fishing another lake Ontario tributary. Unfortunately, these might be my last few steelhead of the Ontario 2020 season, unless I catch one in the fall. I decided to do some steelhead fishing on a lower section of a tributary that I usually fish because the steelhead are dropping back. for the past couple weeks, steelhead fishing Ontario has gotten pretty tough, but I still managed to catch a couple! also - a good tip for steelhead fishing would be to get a net. it makes steelhead fishing - or fishing in general - much easier when landing fish.

Reel: Rapala R-Type centerpin
Rod: Fenwick Eagle 8'6 Medium
Main Line: 12 pound clear monofilament
Leader Line: 10 pound Seaguar STS
Bait/Lure: 2.5' soft plastic pink worm
Hook: Raven Specimen wide-gap size 10