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Will there be a 2020 boating season? Hi I’m AS and this is a special report on how the COVID-19 virus is changing how we boat. First most clubs and marinas in North America and Europe have suffered from closures to some degree. Some have re-opened, some are looking at re-opening. Today we look at the post-pandemic view of boating. PAUSE Most medical and scientific voices agree that not only will there be a second wave of the virus, some say that in areas that are not adequately prepared it may be worse than the first wave. That said, is it wise to launch or will it be wise to haul-out your boat while you still can? That is your decision of course but here are a few thoughts and I invite you to leave your thoughtful comments below. Please, no COVID-deniers. First, if your boat is in the water, should you leave it where it is? Well, we are coming up on hurricane season in the south of the USA and the Caribbean. That of course in a different issue and I hope all you skippers down there have a plan in place. Next are the others who may have launched or leave their boats in the water year around. If clubs and marinas are shut down again for the second wave will you be able to access your boat to check on it? I always head down to my boat after a storm to check for damage. What might happen if your bilge pump malfunctions? Ooh, don’t think about it. PAUSE. As restrictions relax more marinas and clubs will be opening and having launch days. When I was a club member launch day was a time of socialization after a winter of not seeing sailing buddies. So much for physical separation. Also once you are launched, how are you going to keep 2 metres or 6 feet apart on a boat? It’s simply not possible on my boat. If you are finding this info helpful, please give me a thumbs up and subscribe and consider being a Patreon patron.
Some people, and I might be one of the many who decide that they are going to skip the season, remain on the hard and get a few of those jobs done before the second wave. Our marina has a travel lift. That means they might be only able to launch 10 or 12 boats on a normal day so it could take quite a while to launch a 400-slip marina and just as long to haul out. PAUSE I’ve given up on the idea of a cruise this summer if the borders remain closed and there is no vaccine. A web site for a yachting magazine had a very thoughtful article on what the various issues might be when making a decision. Think about things such as: Are my inboard, outboard and diesel motor going to be OK? Will the winterizing done in the fall continue to protect the engine? Will my potable water system be damaged with changing temperatures and condensation build-up? What’s going on inside my shrink-wrap? Is there humidity or condensation causing damage? Will my batteries drain? Will they die and/or require replacement? Once I get aboard, what should I tackle first? I have that link listed below in the description. So, what do you think? Are you hauling out or launching? Are you working on your boat? Please, in any case, for my sake and others with compromised immune systems, keep 2 metres or 6 feet away and wear a mask when shopping or doing some boat maintenance. You’re not doing it to protect yourself, you are doing it for me. Fair winds everyone and better times!
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