Season 3 - Episode 01/01 - Deep Forest Diver - Freaky Stories

Freaky Stories is a Canadian animated anthology television series, which was originally broadcast by YTV in English and Canal Famille (now Vrak) in French (5-minute versions using the French title Frissons). It is an animated show about urban legends hosted by two animatronic puppets, Larry de Bug, a cockroach, (voiced by James Rankin) and his gooey sidekick, Maurice the maggot (voiced by Dan Redican) in Ted's Diner - a 1940s era diner setting staffed by Rosie the waitress (voiced by Jayne Eastwood, but never seen - Season One only).

Freaky Stories é um seriado de animação canadense exibido no Cartoon Network brasileiro e no Canal Panda nos anos 90.
Originalmente, várias histórias faziam parte de cada episódio. No Brasil, as histórias foram exibidas individualmente, em intervalos prolongados entre programas, com cerca de 10 minutos de duração.
A série ficou marcada no Brasil pela frase "Essa é uma história verdadeira. Aconteceu com um amigo de um amigo meu.", dita por um narrador oculto no início e final de cada episódio.

Season 1 - Episode 1: The Big Queasy - Prison Break/Cat Food/Weenie Wonderland/Mixed Nuts
Season 1 - Episode 2: Boys and Ghouls - A Shot in the Dark/First Kiss/Blind Date/The Suspect
Season 1 - Episode 3: Animal Maggotism - The Resurrection of Fluffy/Fifi to Go/Bug In The Ear/The Flying Kitten
Season 1 - Episode 4: Take This Job and Love It - Pizza Guy/Carpet Man/Out of the Blue/Blunder Bed
Season 1 - Episode 5: Designer Tales - Diet Pill/Spider in the Hairdo/The Fly/Hanging by a Thread
Season 1 - Episode 6: Boo! - Snatched/Graveyard Wager/Puddle and the Glow Monster/The Vampire
Season 1 - Episode 7: When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go - Locked out at 20,000 ft/The $50 Porsche/The Bunker/The Concrete Cadillac
Season 1 - Episode 8: Law and Disorder - The Rug Bug/Cat-Napping/Free Gas/The Hook
Season 1 - Episode 9: Not The Waltons - Black Bean Soup/Bottle of Wine/To Pee or not to Pee/Break a Leg
Season 1 - Episode 10: Oops! - The Moving Cactus/The Mystery Smell/Fetch the Ball/Accidental Cannibals
Season 1 - Episode 11: Gotcha! - 11 Feb. 1998 - Dumb Waiter/Luggage/Mama Mia/Jaxx in the Box
Season 1 - Episode 12: School Daze - Field Trip/The Story/Panty Raid/The Experiment
Season 1 - Episode 13: End of The Day - The Flower Lady/The Bookkeeper/Voice from Within/Pig Story
Season 2 - Episode 14/1: Dog From Mexico/The Mortician's Daughter/Pigeon Dave/Hair Today, Gone...
Season 2 - Episode 15/2: Murray and The Rats/Safe At Home/The Gift/Maple Syrup
Season 2 - Episode 16/3: Last Cab Fare/Nude In The RV/Alligator In The Sewer/Do Unto Others
Season 2 - Episode 17/4: Stolen Lunchbox/Front Row Seats/The Vanishing/Dead Man Walking
Season 2 - Episode 18/5: Radar Benny/Battleship/Severed Digit/Photo Op
Season 2 - Episode 19/6: Last Call/Identical Twins/Bat Girl/The Nosy Maid
Season 2 - Episode 20/7: Apologies To Steinbeck/The Creeping Curse of The Mummy's Tomb/A Fishy Story/Dumped In The Outback
Season 2 - Episode 21/8: Traders/Court In The Act/Furd and The Veep/Mooching Roommate
Season 2 - Episode 22/9: The Iron Fist Principal/Field of Seeds/Last Laugh/The Immortal Osgood Toadworthy
Season 2 - Episode 23/10: The Need For Speed/Zit's a Horrible Life/The Girl With The Hoarky Cough/The Smell of Fear
Season 2 - Episode 24/11: Pirates/Choc-Roaches/Femme Fatale/Dear Mother and Father
Season 2 - Episode 25/12: The Boy Who Cried Alien/Did You Have Fun At The Party?/The Rich Fart/Sewer Swimming Hole
Season 2 - Episode 26/13: The Man Who Picked His Brain/The Big Question/Smelly Kelly/Go Find Something To Do, Kid!
Season 3 - Episode 27/1: Deep Forest Diver/Double Your Pleasure/Prize/Hokus Pokus
Season 3 - Episode 28/2: Long Long Distance Call/Sweet Dreams/Duelling Sisters/Stuck Face
Season 3 - Episode 29/3: The 13th Floor/Fishing Hole/Bean Boy/Rugs R Us
Season 3 - Episode 30/4: Mark IV/Invisible Shirley/Chatty Monk/Mouse In The House
Season 3 - Episode 31/5: So Long Sing Sing/Fountain of Youth/Ouija Board/Houston, We Have a Problem
Season 3 - Episode 32/6: At The Circus/The Genius/Which Witch Is Which?/Loch Ness Incident
Season 3 - Episode 33/7: Sour Puss/Monkey's Paw/First Anniversary/Bagel Boy
Season 3 - Episode 34/8: The Getaway/The Babysitter/The Meal/Wax Museum
Season 3 - Episode 35/9: Mouse Trap/Monkey Shines/A Little Push/The Lodger
Fly Fishing