Scrap Yard Trip Autumn Color

Fly along with me for scrap yard carp action...
$25,000 Arkie Fishing Lures Dumpster Dive Score video:
$500 Medical Book score video:
DEA Police Dumpster $1,500 Jackpot video:
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Dumpster Diving on SUNDAY is YOUR Day! video:

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*My #1 Scrapping TOOL, DIAGONAL snip PLIERS: (affiliate). *I recommend buying only the properly manufactured brands such as Stanley, Kobalt, Dewalt...the cheaper stuff you may just be wasting your money as many times it's more difficult to cut and much harder on your hands.

GRABBER TOOLS for dumpster picking - I don't recommend jointed/hinged models - Huge selection to view: (affiliate) - I don't use a grabber tool, but these tools may make things easier for you.

BICYCLE RACKS for storage: (affiliate)

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Scrap Yard Trip Autumn Color.
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