Pike Fish | The pike is a long-bodied and aggressive northern freshwater fish

The term pike, which originated centuries ago before taxonomy was a true science, has sown quite a lot of confusion. All known pike fish belong to a single genus called Esox, but this genus also includes the closely related pickerel and the muskellunge. Together they make up a broad category of pike-like fish.
The Pike fish actually gets its name from the popular weapon used in combat, which consists of a pole with a metal instrument on top. This is probably due to the animal’s exceptional length.
Pike fish have a mottled or spotted appearance with stripes on their back to provide camouflage among the vegetation at the bottom of rivers and lake beds. Like a fingerprint, these patterns are entirely unique to the individual.
This is a solitary fish that largely sticks to its own devices except during the breeding season. This highly territorial creature will attempt to police its boundaries aggressively.
Some species have a highly movable eye that can see in almost any direction.
There are seven species currently recognized in the genus Esox. This includes four species officially called pike, plus the American pickerel, the chain pickerel, and the muskellunge. These are the four main species of pikes:
Northern Pike: Endemic to Europe, Northern Asia, and North America (including a large stretch of territory between Alaska and the Midwestern United States), the northern pike is a very popular game fish. It was so popular, in fact, that people introduced it to other parts of the world, where it’s sometimes seen as a threat to native fishing stocks.
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