Paragliding Valdez "The Switzerland of Alaska" 2017

Paragliding Valdez 06.08.2017 with a local pilot on a perfect day -- Always fly with a local pilot whenever possible. Also, Raven showed us the lift was on.

Switzerland is the Valdez of Europe, that's what a bumper sticker said. Breathtaking views and big air. Marine influence converges and sometimes collides with glacial winds from huge valleys at Thompson pass. There are three glider gatherings held there each year. Paragliders have flown to incredible heights, then sent it cross country along the glacier peaks to the town of Valdez.

On this day we were content just to soar with the Eagles and Raven in fairly strong thermals with climbs to 1,000' above the 3,000' MSL launch.

Smooth Skies
Fly Fishing