oregon surf fishing

having fun surf fishing on the oregon coast. it's spring time so the redtail surf perch are biting like crazy right now. I was a little surprised that none were of any good size, but we did managed to land a few over a pound - which are perfect size for the frying pan.

just remember when you're surf fishing on the oregon coast to 'never' turn your back on the ocean. the surf is usually rough, and waves come at you with great speed and height. it's dangerous and unpredictable so use caution. the oregon coast is always windy and rough, and one should always be careful.

gear, tackle, bait. I was using a 10' surf rod with my standard bottom surf rig. for bait, I was using gulp sandworms on a #2 baitholder hook (any hook style will work, and #2 works best for me). I use this setup 99% of the time I go surf fishing on the oregon coast.

thanks for watching, and hope to see you on the surf.