NEW! Winter fishing - Feeder Fishing for Carp and F1s with TINY FEEDERS | Rob Wootton

Winter Feeder Fishing for Carp and F1s | Groundbait and Maggot Feeder Fishing in Winter, Rob Wootton.

Feeder fishing in the winter is a brilliant tactic to catch carp and F1s, Rob shows you how he fishes with tiny feeders to get the most out of a commercial fishery swim.


About the channel - My Name is Rob Wootton and I love fishing, I'm an England International Angler and fish in the England Feeder Team. We visit various venues all over the world and catch several different species of fish including Carp, Bream, Roach but also some weird and wonderful species not seen in the UK. The aim of this channel is to help everyone learn different styles of fishing but also to help us refine existing styles so we can all catch more fish!!
Carp Fishing