MPs debate Brexit Day celebrations: Brexit celebratory Beer, Big Ben bong, Union flags flown?

In the House of Commons, a succession of Tory MPs has asked UK's Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay how Brexit Day on 31 January should be marked, with requests for flags to be flown and commemorative beer to be brewed.

But the SNP's Patrick Grady cautions that, for many voters and for EU citizens, the day will mark a “moment of considerable concern".

He asks whether Big Ben will bong at the moment of exit - as some Tory Brexiters want. The Brexit secretary says the matter is for the Commons authorities.

No official request has been made for Big Ben to mark Brexit by chiming on 31 January, MPs have been told outside Commons. Sir Paul Beresford, a Conservative, said the House of Commons Commission had not received an approach from ministers. Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle chairs the commission - and in the past, he has suggested he would not block such a request if the House wants it to happen.

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