Most MYSTERIOUS Things Found Frozen In Ice!

Check out the Most MYSTERIOUS Things Found Frozen In Ice! From ancient creatures frozen in time to other unexplained mysteries, this top 10 list of mysterious discoveries has some amazing finds you have to see!

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8. Foal
Earlier this year, in 2018, researchers announced the discovery of a perfectly preserved foal found frozen in the ice! The baby horse, which was uncovered from the melting permafrost in Siberia, was found with its hooves, tail, and skin still perfectly intact, along with the tiny hairs in its nostrils! This foal is estimated to have died between 30,000 and 40,000 years ago.

7. Prehistoric Worms
2018 was a very eventful year for the discovery and investigation of ancient animals found in the Siberian permafrost!! This is fascinating but kind of a scary indicator of just how fast ice is melting…. In July, scientists announced that two nematodes, or microscopic worms that live in the soil, had been brought back to life in a Petri dish after being suspended in a deep freeze in the Siberian permafrost for 42,000 years!!

6. Lion Cubs
In Russia in late 2017, a local resident of Russia’s far northeastern Yakutia region, officially known as the Sakha Republic, discovered the remains of a one-year-old cub in September. This baby big cat was a cave lion, which is believed to have died out about 10,000 years ago. Until this most recent discovery, scientists based their knowledge almost entirely on bones and tracks.

Canada’s Yukon territory is dominated by heavy forest cover, but it was once a freezing tundra. In Dawson City, in September of this year, scientists announced the discovery of two Ice Age creatures from the Yukon permafrost, a caribou calf and a wolf pup. Despite having died thousands of years ago, the animals’ fur, skin, and muscles were almost completely intact.

4. Anthrax Spores
Remember how I said there are some things we don’t want coming back?? Anthrax spores is one of those things!! In 2016, there was a zombie outbreak. While this might sound strange, there was an unusual heatwave in western Siberia, causing all kinds of things to thaw out. Including a frozen reindeer that had been hidden in the ice for 75 years. This reindeer had fallen victim to zombie anthrax, a common bacteria found in the wilderness all over the world.

3. Pygmy Woolly Mammoth
A pygmy woolly mammoth carcass that was unearthed in Siberia during August of this year could be evidence of a new species of ‘mini-mammoth’. According to experts, the remains, which were discovered on Kotelny Island, could be nearly 50,000 years old.

2. Sasha the Rhino
In 2014, the 10,000-year-old remains of a woolly rhinoceros were dug up in the Siberian region of Yakutia. Although scientists are unsure of its gender, they named the rhino “Sasha” after the person who discovered it. Researchers were originally baffled by how the perfectly-preserved one-and-a-half year-old rhino died.

1. Otzi the Iceman
I can’t have a list about amazing things found frozen in ice without including Otzi! As you may know by now, he is the world’s oldest natural human mummy!! Otzi died high in what is now the Italian Alps at the age of 45 and remained preserved in the ice for over 5,300 years!! Since before the construction of the pyramids.

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