Morocco Today - 221308-02X

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Roadside; mud hits in mountains; boy working; fishing nets tied in. Air France four prop plane landing; people riding on trains; traffic scenes; modern buildings & apartments.
13:12:33 Map of Europe & North Africa, zoom in on Morocco. Phoenician, Roman & Islamic ruins. Surviving Islamic architecture. Street scenes; womenin robes; French military review & formal Moroccan guard. Geographic regions from air. Berbers on horses & camels. Men picking dates. Arabs in village & narrow streets. Wood carving. Jewish merchants, craftsmen, prayer. French storefronts Medical laboratory; farming; teachers. 13:15:14 Map & talking about “link in defense chain of Western Europe.” Port Lyautey w/ grain elevators & docks. French Navy airbase. Working on military planes; Americans share the base & US jet pilots train & a supply base for 6th Fleet. Pilots talking by planes; propellor fighter planes. CU road sign: Sidi Slimane USAF Base, HQ 5th Air Division (nuclear weapons storage put in in 1951). Strategic Air Command fly-over of B-47 bombers.
13:16:46 CU sign: 3906th Air Base GP. Headquarters, building w/ sign above & men in/out. Field w/ control tower & plane. Jet scramble, men run to planes, put on parachutes, inito cockpit & take off, fly overs.
13:17:33 Street scene. Sign: Ecole Musulmane d’Aprrentissage Camille Mathieu Boys doing woodworking in large shop & instructors explaining wood. Laboratorys & instructors. Large new hospital in Rabat; ext. & int. of doctor, nurses & treating children. Men in hospital beds fed various religious diets: Jews, Muslims, Europeans. Women in robes leaving. Interior courtyard of Islamic architecture; int. of building where moslem law has been replaced w/ codified laws. Prisoners sitting on benches; judge at civil tribunal in Rabat.
13:20:04 Small fishing boats in port; on board ship w/ large nets & pulling in filled w/ sardine fish. Canning sardines in mechanized factory. Young girls loading cans on conveyor as oil filling from spouts.
13:20:56 Picking citrus fruits: lemons, oranges, clementines. Loading crates on trucks & haulling on highway. Fruit packing for export. Loading dock & pallets loaded onto ships. Men working on tractors & training w/ equipment.
13:21:55 Aerial over state-owned phosphate plant, interiors of automated industry w/ new factory town. New medina w/ stores, homes, courtyard. CU people. Workers at home. Hospital, doctors & nurses.
Fly Fishing