Massive Hucho Hucho landed by a Fly rod! Slovenia!

Showing you the dreams of many! Mount Everest of Fly Fishing sport - catching a M+ sized Hucho-hucho on a fly rod at the bright day light time! Top of the European Fly Fishing goals! A perfect example can be seen on this fishing video! A bit longer fishing scenes to give you some feeling about the difference of fly fishing for Trout or the Danube Salmon.. Both are nice, but the Hucho is a chapter of his own.. master handling during the fight, professional unhooking and release. Not one drop of the blood shared! Again the Sava Bohinjka of the Bled fishing club proven to be amongst best European Huchen fishing areas and AL one of the most skilled Hucho fishing Guides! Share, like and subscribe to help us promote Catch and Release Hucho-Hucho fishing! Thanks!
Fly Fishing