MAHLE Eco Rally 2018 in Slovenia with Fredi | German (Eng & Sl subs)

Watch our new VLOG of the MAHLE Eco Rally 2018 in Slovenia with Fredi. A rally with regularity test only for electric vehicles.

The MAHLE Eco Rally 2018 in Slovenia is organised and sponsored by MAHLE to increase the awareness for electromobility. At MAHLE you get the chance to participate in the research of electric cars and to drive forward innovations in the field of electrification and electric drives such as electric motors, inverters, power electronics, software and inductive charging. The performance of modern electric drive systems is increasing rapidly.

Fredi (Frederike Hofmann) participated for us in this fascinating rally in an electric BMW i3s in beautiful Slovenia.

First there is a short tour of the MAHLE plant in Slovenia. Electromobility plays a very important role here. For example, starters for cars are produced here. The BMW i3s is called "Beast" and after all tests such as checking the tire pressure, checking the ideal line, charging the battery and understanding the regularity test have been carried out, the rally can start.

On the first day Fredi reached a solid 17th out of 25. On the second day, all participants of the electric car rally visited the Ferrari Garden and Postojna Cave, both are famous sights in Slovenia.

All in all, Fredi enjoyed the MAHLE Eco Rally very much and she learned a lot about e-mobility, electric drives and driving efficiently.

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