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Kiev, Ukraine 2016

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0:03 - Ukrainian girls singing
0:13 - Kiev disco
0:46 - Police vs. Drunk man
0:56 - L'Kafa shots
1:19 - The Grim Reaper on Kiev Metro
1:33 - Tragically crushed by car
2:40 - $12 hotel room
2:55 - My secret stash
3:18 - Kreschatyk covered in snow
3:35 - Old woman singing on the metro
3:48 - Poznyaki apartments
4:02 - Kiev skyline
4:47 - Maidan Square at night
5:08 - Maidan bus stop
5:30 - Dnipro river covered in ice and snow
5:35 - Lifting weights in Hidropark
5:40 - Swimming in Dnipro river
6:02 - D*Lux Nightclub dancers
8:56 - Man on top of speeding car
9:52 - Attacked with rocks
12:25 - Climbing the top of Communist Rodina Mat motherland statue
13:32 - Kievan youth assembling military weapons
14:01 - Logofail!
14:35 - Bonus footage


IMPORTANT: Yes, Kiev is fun city but Ukrainians are suffering from inflation, economic depression and war as I type this. They are good people and deserve help. Please consider donating to charities that help or even better, move here or visit and spend money in the economy.

This video shows the life people can have in Ukraine's capital Kiev when they have money or income sources from abroad. The footage is from 2016 filmed around downtown and suburbs. It includes nightclubs, street-life, hotels, apartments, cost of living, swimming in the ice covered Dnipro river, outdoors gym and beautiful women.

Things are getting tougher here for the locals as inflation has really dug into people's savings and monthly paychecks. It's still a safe city to visit though and I highly recommend people to go or move here if you have some money saved up. If you don't have time to pay this great country a visit, consider donating to charities that work with helping people in need and those that had to flee their homes in the eastern provinces.

The people in this country are good, God fearing, hard-working and friendly. Of all the countries to holiday in throughout the European continent Ukraine is by far the best. So stop wasting your money in London or Paris and come see the city of Kiev.

A word on the nightlife is warranted. There are some great nightclubs in Kiev. Hot women are everywhere here and I highly recommend going out a few nights if you're here for a short stay. The karaoke bars are also fun, Ukrainian women seem to love to sing. No wonder there are so many great singers that hail from here.

The top attractions here is the Dnipro river. You can go ice fishing on it during winter as it's completely frozen over. Go lifting at the outdoors gym. Study Russian at Kiev's University. Visit the museum of Russian art. See some amazing ancient orthodox churches. Watch Dinamo Kiev play in the olympic stadium. You get the picture. There's never a dull moment, even during winter.

Yes, it is ridiculously cold here from December till April, but that isn't a problem as long as you come prepared. It's also considerably cheaper with apartments during winter as there are less foreigners and tourists here. It's best to visit Kiev in January in my view.

Kiev is also one of the cheapest cities in all of Europe, if not the cheapest. Getting here is possible by train from the east. However it is time consuming and much better to fly in using Wizzair from Budapest or Ukrainian airlines.

There are some really cheap hotels around but apartments are often even cheaper. At least downtown around Krecschatyk. Apartments are also way better value for money. For people on a one week visit I would recommend the Maidan square area. When staying longer it's better to stay on the outskirts an use the metro to and from the centre of town.

Many foreigners and tourist are concerned about safety. On a short visit and when staying in the capital, such fears are overblown. The city is as safe as any other in Europe.

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