KENDJAM - Jungle Fly Fishing in Crystal Clear Rivers - Full Film

This film will show you the wonders of Kendjam in Brazil. Kendjam features a unique fly-fishing adventure deep in the Amazon Forest on rivers running through a wild land protected by Kayapo Warriors. Join anglers Jeff Currier and Ben Furimsky in this first-ever film about fly fishing on the previously forbidden Kayapo rivers. The crystal clear waters are full of aggressive fish species all eager to take a fly.

Kendjam is located on the Iriri River, some three hours flight time South-East of Manaus, Brazil. The Iriri is a clear river flowing largely over granite bedrock. Kendjam is a hidden treasure protected from despoliation by the last guardians of the Amazon jungle: the KayapĆ³ warriors.

This environment offers the first multi-variety Amazon fly fishing destination where an angler can target over ten different species in crystal clear fast waters; peacock bass, three different pacu species each with their own feeding habits, vampire fish (payara), wolf-fish (trairao), yatorana/matrincha, piranha, bicuda (freshwater barracuda).

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