Ice Fishing For Northern Ontario Burbot

Northern Ontario is littered with lakes that harbor an endless number of burbot and while they are ignored by many anglers others recognize the value of their table fare and fish for them regularly. For the unique experience we ventured north and drilled holes through the ice to target these bottom feeders. We spent the twilight hours catching and releasing dozens of burbot while filming this episode of Pautzke Outdoors.

From roughly 9pm till 3am we dropped Chartreuse and Purple Fire Brine herring and other dead baits through the ice and listened for the sound of bells and the movement of glow sticks to reveal strikes. We pierced the brined bait on mostly Northland glow in the dark jigs and fielded action all night.

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For More Info: Burbot on common throughout the Ontario and much of Canada and the northern US. For more info on where to catch burbot in Ontario contact the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources https://www.ontario.ca/ministry-natural-resources-and-forestry.