How to Catch Fish on the Niagara River - How to Catch Walleye, Rainbow Trout and Musky


How to Catch Fish on the Niagara River - How to Catch Walleye, Rainbow Trout and Musky on the Niagara River

Back in early December 2017, we slammed a mixed bag of fish on the mighty Niagara! I spent a lomg time pitting this footage together and I think you will like it! Big thanks to Steve Piggot for taking us out and keeping us on the fish all day! It is so much fun jigging for walleye on the Niagara River! You really never know what you're going to catch! Catching them all on hand-tied jigs makes it that much better!

On this trip I caught my personal best rainbow trout and my personal best musky! Quick photos and safe releases for both!

All of the fish caught were on my hand-tied hair jigs! Check out this VIDEO to learn how to tie your own hair jigs!!

There are many techniques for catching walleye and steelhead on the Niagara River. Vertical jigging for walleye is a great way to start! This video will give some great tips and tricks for anyone wanting to catch fish on the Niagara River! If you want to learn how to catch walleye on the niagara river or how to catch more fish jigging for walleye then this is the video for you! Nothing beats it! Learn how to jig for walleye on the niagara river! Learn how to catch giant musky and how to catch more walleye! Learn how to catch steelhead on the niagara river if you like steelhead fishing and jigging for trout! Enjoy and be sure to get out there and learn how to catch more walleye jigging!

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